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Daycare for children 18 months to 5 years old in Montreal, QC

Making someone look after your children is a decision that cannot be taken lightly. Garderie Les Minibulles offers your little ones a stable, welcoming and reassuring environment where they can play and learn under the supervision of qualified professionals with years of experience in the field of daycare and childcare. We promise to take care of your children and guide them to a successful start in school.


Our educators are dedicated and passionate about caring for your children as you would do yourself.  Our weekly teaching programs include creative activities, educational games and other fun activities, complemented by nature outings and much more. 


Believe in us to take care of your child's safety and education in Montreal for your peace of mind. We are available to answer all your questions!

Engaging and Diverse Activities and Programs

It is well known that for children to develop well, they need a wide range of attractive activities that stimulate their imagination and help their nervous system to develop to the highest possible level. From simple essential skills, such as basic cleaning and hygiene, to complex educational games and curricula, our daycare is an excellent choice for Montreal parents. 


Garderie Les Minibulles teaches your children important life skills as well as how to work in a team, to be generous and kind to others. We understand that we are raising future individuals and we aim to do our best to foster the development of positive qualities in every child who walks through our door.

children playing with building blocks

A delicious, varied and balanced menu

Your children will never be fussy about food again once they have tasted the delicious dishes we prepare in our daycare. Garderie Les Minibulles always makes sure that the meals are in good quantity and varied enough so that the little ones receive the nutrition they need to grow strong and healthy.  


You don't have to worry about teaching your little one good manners, because our educators also make sure that the children learn to eat in an attentive and well-educated manner. Mealtime is pleasant and tasty when you eat at our daycare centre.

A delicious, varied and balanced menu

Educators and parents

This is a snapshot of the daily life at Garderie Les Minibulles. The children who have attended, the parents who have been involved, the staff who have worked hard to make it a place where it is good to work, where it is good to grow up, all of them have participated in forging our living environment where it is good to work, where it is good to grow up.

Well-designed Meals

Your little ones will be spoiled by our nutritious meals.

Well-organized Activities

Variety and creativity are the aim of our programs and activities.

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